Our Business Highlights

Our business has grown rapidly and retained its leadership position in fast growing beauty industry in Japan.
Currently we have a unique position to offer the full lineup for eyelash salons.
In addition to our e-commerce site, our products are available at three outlets where our expert advisers help clients get the most suitable products.

Our Philosophy

Beauty brings smiles and businesses to all the stakeholders including our clients, their customers,
employees and our business partners in developing/ developed countries!

Our Business Policy

Stay aggressive and being an innovator in beauty industry.
Our business stems from manufacturing to offer product supply directly from the manufacturing sites.
Transparent pricing system and quality control are our proud.
We do not sell our products to middleman distributors but only to salon businesses to retain fair price transactions.

Our One Stop Service Concept

“Drop at our outlets, and you will get all you need for your business”
Consultancy based on the real-operation experience provides our clients with full package to set up and manage the successful salon.

What We Offer

Our Product line

We are #1 wholesaler in regard to # of products to trade in Japan.
The following is the list of products youcan expect from us! (Detailed product catalog is available upon the request)

  • Eyelash glues -60 SKUs to meet clients’ needs
  • Eye lash extensions( artificial eyelash)
  • Tweezers 70 +SKUs
  • Treatment products (treatment for eyelash, mascara, etc)
  • Furniture and equipment (cart, bed, chairs, etc)
  • Other miscellaneous (cottons, etc)

Our Service line

The following is the list of services you can expect from us!

  • echnical courses for technicians
  • Academy for salon management
  • Recruiting service for salon staffs
  • Our partnered eye doctors to ask for medical advices
  • Out partnered lawyers to consult for legal issues
  • OEM productions
  • Newsletters to our member salon clients

Our Academy

The academy offers on demand lecture for special requests. The graduates of the academy will enjoy the recruiting services through well connected beauty industry network.

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Contact Title Email
Keiko Sato President in Kate of Tokyo keiko.sato@foula.jp
Satoko Fukushima (for English) President in Suites Group satoko.fukushima@suitesgroup.com

Foula Store Event Snap Shots

The exhibitions and events, the Foula shop is the most popular shop to attract professional salon owners.

snapshots02 snapshots03

Foula Store Shop Shelf images


Our Factories


OEM factory in Vietnam


OEM factory in Japan

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Eyelash products with variations


Additional products for salon work

  • images-salon01
  • images-salon02
  • images-salon03
  • images-salon04
  • images-salon05
  • images-salon06
  • images-salon07
  • images-salon08

Before/ After results

Foula Shop offers various kinds of products to meet your customers’ requests.


Foula Shop offers various kinds of products to meet your customers’ requests.



Course hrs Descriptions
Introductory 10 hrs (+20hrs) For beginners
Basic Inter Mediate 25 hrs(+20hrs) Basic to intermediate course
Professional 50 hrs (+50hrs) Retain all the necessary knowledge and skills for salon work
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