Corporate Information【NY】

▶ Company name
 Kate of Tokyo,Inc.

▶ Company Address
 120 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10001

▶ Date of establishment
 6 April 2017

▶ Incorporators
 President  ― Keiko Sato  

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Corporate Information【JP】

▶ Company name
 Kate of Tokyo Co., Ltd.

▶ Head office
 1-20-26-5F, Shibuya, Shibuyaku, Tokyo, 150-0002, JAPAN.

▶ Chief Execthive Officer
 Keiko Sato

▶ Established
 1 April 2010

▶ Capital
 JPY 80,000,000(January 2018 now)

▶ Business content
 One-stop shopping site business of eyelash extension merchandise.Eyelash extension products retail
 operation (Shibuya shop / Yokohama shop / Omiya shop).Employment business for Beautician・Nail
 Technician・Eyelash Technician.

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Business content

Net shopping business
In addition to providing the high grade eyelashes products, best price, same-day delivery service; we strive reliable and practical net shopping operations.
We set up a free customer service hotline, strengthen communication with customers and rehabilitation services. We will stand more customer's point of view, work harder to operate in the future.

Retail business
Utilizing an assortment of internet shop, customers can actually experience the goods on hands. In case of doubt the experienced staff will provide assistance, narrow the distance with customers is our operating principles.
Currently, we operate three stores in Shibuya, Yokohama and Omiya. We will further expand the Japanese retail market in the future.

Employment business
Let the professional eyelash technicians demonstrate their skills in the workplace.
Regardless of the new recruits, or who want to change the work environment, we will also highly recommend to all salons.
We will also provide employment opportunities abroad such as Singapore and other overseas eyelashes shop.
FOULA will prepare a good working environment for all the eyelash technicians.

Business philosophy

We provide the best quality goods and first-class service. High quality and good price to satisfy customers is our sincere commitment to every customer. More and more beauty industry growth is being powered by the fields of information technology. As an international company, we will strive to deliver high value, quality products and services in the world. KATE OF TOKYO will continue to evolve in the future, and strive to create a new beauty industry.

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Foula Store Event Snap Shots

The exhibitions and events, the Foula shop is the most popular shop to attract professional salon owners.

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Foula Store Shop Shelf images


Our Factories


OEM factory in Vietnam


OEM factory in Japan

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Eyelash products with variations


Additional products for salon work

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Before/ After results

Foula Shop offers various kinds of products to meet your customers’ requests.


Foula Shop offers various kinds of products to meet your customers’ requests.



Course hrs Descriptions
Introductory 10 hrs (+20hrs) For beginners
Basic Inter Mediate 25 hrs(+20hrs) Basic to intermediate course
Professional 50 hrs (+50hrs) Retain all the necessary knowledge and skills for salon work
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